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CH: Capture-Hearts Stamp by Cyanide-Tea

:bulletred: JOIN REQUESTS ARE CLOSED :bulletred:

We are a Kingdom Hearts X Pokémon crossover group known as Capture-Hearts: a continuation to the original group Pocket-Hearts that was suddenly shut down

We hope that if you were a member of the past group that you will consider re-joining us once we are open again! If you're new to the idea, please watch the group for future updates! Thank you~ ♪

:bulletblue: Capture-Hearts Main Chat:…
:bulletblue: Capture-Hearts RolePlay Chat:…


While groups can be pretty sweet without dA's super group sub option, we want this to be one of the best groups it can be for it's future members! So to do this, we will be having a donation pool of points! If you're feeling generous, you can donate below to Capture-hearts-king's account. Every little point counts!



:bulletblack: = WIP
:bulletblue: = Complete

:bulletblack: Story:
:bulletblue: Group Rules:
:bulletblue: FAQ:
:bulletblue: Character Creation Guide:
:bulletblue: Pokemon Lists:
:bulletblack: NPC's and Enemies:
:bulletblue: Teams:
:bulletblue: Munny Bank:
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:bulletblack: Missions and Events:
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Class Availability

:bulletred: Speed: 21/30 taken
:bulletblue: Magic: 12/30 taken
:bulletgreen: Strength: 12/30 taken




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+Current News- March 11, 2014

Hello everyone~ We would like to formally apologize for the lack of overall activity in the group as of late. Over the course of events since Capture Hearts's opening, we feel that there have been significant holes in the administrative handlings and rules of this group. As a result, we will be handing over the group to someone who we believe we can trust to take care of it and help it evolve. While this may seem sudden, we decided that this would be more appropriate than completely shutting down the group.

To anyone interested, you need to have shown or show that you have extensive knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts series. Additionally, you must have shown yourself to be well rounded and that you can get along with other members of DA. Finally, you must have shown, through previous activity, that you will you would be active enough to keep up with the group. We are imposing these criteria because and we don't want people to get their hopes up, just for the group to suddenly end or for the story to take some impossible change in direction that has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, or Disney.

The artist of the current application and heartless does not have a problem with letting the new owners use the art, or providing some other designs for new potential enemies. Current information or plot ideas can be leaked to new mods. Once again, we are very sorry and hope you all continue to enjoy your time on DA and in the group should you decide to stay. Thank you for your time.

+Current News- January 31, 2014

Hello again, everyone. We apologize for the tardiness of this, but this is a reminder that revamped applications are due by the end of the day. If there are highly hindering circumstances preventing you from doing this, please send the group a note. Remember, we only require changing out the application background. News regarding the next opening will come within the next couple of weeks.


+Current News -January 10, 2014+

Attention everyone, Capture hearts is reopening soon.  We apologize for taking so long to come back. Real life has been a bit rough lately but we have persisted.

Due to the introductIon of new pokemon in generation 6, we are allowing you all to make new oc’s if you so wish. You are free to make a new character without cost, be they one of the new Kalos pokemon or a pokemon from generations past. We will still follow under the policy that there will be only three of each species with one for each class. We will be allowing you to reserve the pokemon but do be quick. If you wish to change characters, please send a note to the group not the the individual mods. Furthermore, with a new generation comes new attacks and learnsets. If you wish to update your character's attacks accordingly, please send a note to the group, letting us know that you will be doing this.

We will not allow Mega evolutions for characters. Not all pokemon are capable of this and their strength is too great. We would prefer to have equality for all members in the way of character capabilities.

Now as for updates, we have made the following changes and additions:

:bulletblue:A shiny new app for you all as it is a new year. This does NOT mean you will be allowed to main a shiny pokemon.
:bulletblue: New NPC and Pet move policy; NPCs and Pets are no longer restricted to status only moves. However, they will still be restricted to having only two attacks.
:bulletblue: New information standards. We have raised the standards by which we will evaluate information on applications. Information on applications should:
:bulletblue: Show apparent understanding or research of Kingdom Hearts canon. History must make sense in relation to the Kingdom Hearts canon. If you are not sure if your history is acceptable, please let us know through notes to the group.

If it is apparent that you have not researched Kingdom Hearts canon and have ignored our journals, we will reject your application
:bulletblue: Make sense with regards to pokemon base stats. Please do not have characters taking down other characters based in much stronger pokemon with ease.
:bulletblue: Class changes. We will be changing the Attack and Defense classes to Speed and Strength, respectively. We are changing these labels in hopes of balancing the numbers in each class as based on the demographics of our first opening. The Speed class will be focused on hitting the enemy with barrages of light, swift attacks. The Strength class will be focused on dealing powerful attacks either by direct attacks or retaliation.

With character creation starting again and new standards, we would like to strongly encourage you all to please review our character creation journal and take the information to greater heart. We would also like to warn you to stay away from overused plot elements (e.g.: dead parents/family, overly tragic history).

Revamped apps should be completed by January 31

If you still require more time by this due date, please let us know through a note to the group with an idea of how much more time you will need.

To those wishing to join us, expect an opening around the beginning of February.


+Current News - September 18, 2013+

Hello everyone~ we would like to formally apologize for the lack of activity in the overall group lately. Over the course of events since our opening, we feel that there have been significant holes in our current administrative handlings and in the rules of this group. We have found it very demotivating and, as a result, we will be looking to be on hiatus until at least the release of X and Y to not only make these fixes, but also to account for the new Kalos Region pokemon.

We would also like to note that part of the time will be spent planning out more events as well implementing other changes and updating journals as we deem necessary. We may also be enlisting new mods during this time. Please be on the lookout for these changes as well any new additions we make to the group.

Furthermore, during this time, we highly recommend that you please send in suggestions for what you would like to see out of this group through the group's notes. We would like further input regarding where we are lacking.


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ June 26, 2013 +

Hello Everyone~ This journal is to remind you that Event 1: Traverse Town-Social Mixer is due July 1, 2013.
So make sure you turn in your event entries before time runs out~

Also, we are proud to announce that the Item shop is now open to public for purchases so feel free to spend your hard earned munny~ Rules for the shop are in the shop. The shop is located on the Capture-hearts-king page.

And finally, a reminder on those who want to become part of a team. All members of the team must send in the required information to make your team official. Please refer to the Teams journal to verify required information. Thank you.

We would also like to take this time to let you all know to please let us know about what you would like to see in terms of pacing for these events whenever you see us around in chats, on comments, or in the group's notes.

We hope that you all enjoy your time with us, and stay tuned for other starting events and other changes~ As always, feel free to ask questions and give suggestions through comments or notes to Capture-Hearts  


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ May 24, 2013 +

Hello Everyone~ It was wonderful to see all the interest based on the join requests we have seen come in.

We would like to formally announce that we are now closed for joining. At this time, we have closed off requests and will decline any notes for reservation. For those who still wish to join, we apologize and hope that you remain interested by the time we have our second opening.

For those of you who have joined our ranks, we would like to welcome you all to Capture-Hearts and ask that you sit tight while we mods work out a few things, especially the release dates of our starter events. Furthermore, make sure to turn in your applications as soon as possible. Us accepting your join request only means that we are willing to hold a member spot for you. It does NOT guarantee that you stay unless you submit a complete and approved application.

We hope that you all enjoy your time with us, and stay tuned for starting events and other changes~ As always, feel free to ask questions through comments or notes to Capture-Hearts


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ May 23, 2013 +

Hello Everyone~! This journal is to remind you all that we will be closing for joining at the end of today (around Midnight EST/UTC-5/GMT-5)!

If you still wish to join as a member, hurry and send us a join request with the information dictated in the Group Rules.

For those of you whose reservations and join requests have been approved, make sure to turn in your complete applications by end of your specified deadline (see previous update).

We look forward to seeing you all and hope you enjoy your time with us! As always, feel free to ask questions in the group's notes or in comments.


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ May 20, 2013 +

Hello again, everyone! As you may have noticed, we have been accepting both new and old members as of late. Along that line, we would like to clear up deadlines for completed applications. They are as follow, based on the day you sent in your note or join request:

Approved May 8-->due May 22
Approved May 9 -->due May 23
Approved May 10-->due May 24
Approved May 11-->due May 25
Approved May 12-->due May 26
Approved May 13-->due May 27
Approved May 14-->due May 28
Approved May 15-->due May 29
Approved May 16-->due May 30
Approved May 17-->due June 1
Approved May 18-->due June 2
Approved May 19-->due June 3
Approved May 20-->due June 4
Approved May 21-->due June 5
Approved May 22-->due June 6
Approved May 23-->due June 7

Please note that you are free to turn in applications early (in fact, it is highly recommended)

We look forward to seeing you all and as always, feel free to ask us questions


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ May 2, 2013 +

Hello everyone~ We are here with an update to let you all know that we will be opening for former member reservations, starting May 8th  and ending May 15th.

Once we are done approving reservations, starting May 16th and ending May 23rd, we will open for new member join requests.

Please make sure to include all required information, as stated in the Rules journal.

In the meantime, please review over our  policies and do not be shy about asking for input/critique regarding your apps.  Also, we encourage asking questions for things you feel uncertain about. Feel free to send us notes or comments regarding these~ After all, it is our duty to help!

We look forward to seeing you all and hope you enjoy your time with us!


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ Apr 15, 2013 +

Hello again, everyone~ As you may have noticed these past couple of months, we've added several important items such as the remainder of the rules and additional questions to the FAQs as well as some other things, such as entries into the enemies and the addition of our mascot! We appreciate your patience and ask that you bear with us a bit longer as we finish up preparations for future events. In the meantime, note that we have changed our applications.  Please note that these updated applications are the templates of what we will accept into the group.

On a more serious note, it has been apparent that some people have not been reading the information held in the journals. We would like to gently remind you all to look over all entries before asking any questions. We would also like to emphasize here that we are NOT interested in enlisting more help for our mod team at this time. There will be notification regarding this IF we find that we need help.

Finally, we would like to announce that we will begin reservations for former members sometime in the next couple of weeks and will also put up notification regarding this. Acceptance of new members will be the week following that.

Thank you all for your interest and stay tuned!


+ CURRENT NEWS ~ Feb 5, 2013 +

Hello everyone. We're very happy to see that over the past few days, many of you former members of the now inactive, closed down Pocket-Hearts have been coming to visit this group and watch us develop and unfold from the ground up! It's very exciting, with a bit of hard work thrown in. But we're certainly not worried about that. We will manage! After all, we would like to open our doors as soon as everything is finalized, complete, and set in place. No use rushing all that work only to have it incomplete and crumbling, right?

As you all can see, our little team is slowly growing. We have decided that with a group of a few good mods, it is less likely for one of us to make a rational decision if something were to pop up and try to bring us down. We can only promise to work hard and do our best for the group and you possible former/future members. We are very busy working on retrieving data (if possible), setting up important information, and so forth. We hope you're all looking forward to the new group as much as we are though!

For now we ask that you sit back, relax, and let us go about what needs to be done for now. We have our 2 group chatrooms made, which you can visit via the group page links in the custom box fi you wish to hang out with former and possibly future members. We also have started a Points Donations Pool on Capture-hearts-king's page! While we understand that many groups are great without the super group status, we want to make this group the best it can be for it's members! Every little point counts, so if you could spare a single one, or a few, we would truly appreciate it!

We hope to update you all with more good news soon! Thanks for reading and sticking around!
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:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletwhite: Please affiliate with us! We would love to meet and visit other Worlds :bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblack:



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hi I'm an admin at :iconi-a-s:, we've just started out but hope we can affiliate with your group :iconsparklesplz:!
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Hey, I kinda want to draw some miscellaneous headshots.
So drop your character's app here if you'd like one~ 6 max!
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Hello, group. Ryu here.

Sorry to say, but I believe it's time to leave the group. I've been rather inactive lately because of school and other real life responsibilities. Perhaps when I become less busy and hopefully have more inspiration for drawing and literature, I'll return, and hopefully I'll be let back in. ;w;

I will say this: Thank you for letting me join in on the fun, it was great. Thank you, and I hope to see how far this group can go.

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